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In Home 1:1 Therapy

IBT Model

The IBT Behavioral Treatment Plan utilizes an Applied Behavior Analysis methodology, with individual 1:1 instruction. Each behavioral plan is highly personalized and tailored to each child’s unique learning style and specific needs.

Areas addressed: 

  • Treatment of Maladaptive Behaviors

  • Language & Communication Skills

  • Social & Play Skills

  • Executive Functioning & Theory of Mind

  • Adaptive/Self Help Skills

  • Joint Attention

  • Motor Development

  • School Readiness


The Treatment Plan consist of the following techniques:

  • Direct Instruction

  • Discrete Trial Training

  • Natural Environment Training

  • Pivotal Response Training

  • Verbal Behavior

  • Joint Attention Training

  • Symbolic Play Training

  • Comic Strip Conversations

  • Errorless Learning

  • Social Stories


The Intervention Treatment Plan consists of intensive treatment in which basic skills are taught in the initial years and advanced adaptive, cognitive, language, and social skills are taught in the latter period of treatment. 

The Treatment Program may vary from a Consultation Model to an Intervention model dependent on the child’s learning acquisition. Intensity and duration of services will vary based on the child’s needs.


The Intervention Treatment Model includes in-home services by trained staff members, bi-weekly clinic meetings to discuss program progress, implementation of behavior intervention plans, and quarterly consultations with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Clinical Supervisor) for ongoing education and additional training.  Parents are taught generalization techniques, how to engage in developmentally age appropriate play with their child, and application of behavioral management skills.


Natural Environment Training is an integral part of the program, where skills are generalized across multiple settings and people such as parents and other family members. 

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