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Clinic Based Services


The team at IBT knows the importance of Early Behavioral Intervention for children recently diagnosed with Autism.  We also understand the importance personalizing treatment plans to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each child, while creating an individualize programs to maximize each child’s potential.


When choosing a behavioral therapy provider for your child, you want to make an informed decision.  At IBT, we use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the most evidence-based intervention to provide each child with a personalized treatment program.


At IBT, we offer Clinic-Based Services (also known as Center-Based Therapy.) With this type of therapy your child will receive individualized, 1:1 ABA therapy from our highly trained therapists at the IBT center as they would with In-Home therapy.  However, the center will offer additional benefits. This includes:


On-Site Supervision:  Our clinical team which includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA Supervisors) will be accessible at the center for additional support and offer direct feedback to the therapists and parents.


Controlled and Fun Environment: The center can be arranged to be a distraction-free environment that will be allow for our therapists to minimize different variables that may prove difficult to control in a home environment. Toys, televisions, smart phones and tablets, even siblings can cause unnecessary distractions that can inhibit a child’s development.   At the center, the therapist is able to control these variables that would be otherwise distracting in the home environment.   This gives the child a more controlled and structured environment to help increase concentration and focus when targeting skill deficits or teaching replacement behaviors.


Generalization and Socialization: The IBT center can also be an ideal setting to target generalization of skills across setting, people and across stimuli.  In addition, the clinical setting can be arranged to target social skills by matching a child with appropriate peers according to their age and level of functioning during schedule peer play dates at the IBT-center.



Getting things done: Center-based treatment allows for your child to get more individualized attention they need that will lead to positive behavioral changes.  It also will allow you, the parents, the free up some of your time to go to work, complete daily errands, personal responsibilities and focus on the other aspects your life while your child is learning valuable skills and replacement behaviors at the IBT center.


More Information: Since our therapists will be spending more 1:1 time with your child during Center-based treatment, this will allow our therapists the ability to gather more information about your child’s development.  This information is very useful in forming your child’s personalized program that will be integral in their progress.


At IBT, our priorities are your child’s progress and success.  We are here to help you make an informed decision and navigate through process of ABA therapy for your child.   

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